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    Ways that competitive forces shape strategy

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    Please provide a brief discussion of three ways that competitive forces shape strategy. Then consider this questions: Do you agree that a low-cost strategy is the same as a low-price strategy? Why or why not?

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    Three ways in which competitive forces shape strategy:

    Positioning the Company

    Strategy can be viewed as building defenses against the competitive forces or as finding positions in the industry where the forces are weakest. Knowledge of the company's capabilities and of the causes of the competitive forces will highlight the areas where the company should confront competition and where to avoid it. If the company is a low-cost producer, it may choose to confront powerful buyers while it takes care to sell them only products not vulnerable to completion from substitutes...

    Influencing the Balance:

    When dealing with the forces that drive industry competition, a company can devise a strategy that takes the offensive. This posture is designed ...

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    Ways that competitive forces shape strategy