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    Enduring Success

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    Why do some companies experience "enduring success" (i.e., long-term success) while others do not? In other words, what characteristics do you think a firm must possess in order to outperform their peers (or the general stock market) over an extended period of time? Is a brilliant strategy the key to enduring success? Is a superior company mission the key to enduring success?

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    The key to enduring success in business is the same as the key to enduring success in life in general-adaptability. More often than not, a start up comes out swinging for the fences with a fantastic mission statement, good financing, and a brilliant strategy fully expecting to conquer the competition and to take the market by storm. Sometimes these firms accomplish just that in the short term. Stock prices soar, financiers are happy, ...

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    The solution explains why some companies have enduring financial success while others do not. Additionally, it assess a statement about the key to the success of a company.