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    Benefits Package

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    Details: Discuss the possible impact of EatNGas, Inc. stores being located solely in one of the following three locations with the indicated employee demographics.


    New York City, NY
    average employee age: 30 years old
    male/female ratio: 50:50
    Suburbia, MO
    average employee age: 40 years old
    male/female ratio: 20:80
    Deep Caverns, TX
    average employee age: 50 years old
    male/female ratio: 70:30

    Propose at least three modifications or enhancements to specific benefits (or options of benefits) in a benefits package that will best satisfy the company's and employees' needs and expectations. You may also address modifying the percentage of total compensation paid in the form of benefits.

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    //This paper focuses at explaining possible impact on EatNGas, Inc., if it decides to open a store in New York City. It discusses the key benefits for the employees of the company and for the organization.//

    Modifications in Benefits

    If EatNGas, Inc, stores choose to locate it to store in New York City with the specified demographic of the employees, it would be beneficial for both the parties for the Inc and employees. In order to exploit the opportunities, a policy of commission based compensation instead of salary should be adopted and promoted. Commission based compensation promotes high sales culture and makes salespeople entrepreneurial. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 431 words with references.