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Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola financial statements and ratios

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I have identified two corporations, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola. I need assistance finding their financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. I need help identifying the statement of cash flow if the corporation uses the indirect or direct method. Determine how much cash was generated from operations, financing, and investing. Specify how much free cash flow each corporation has generated and calculate the current ratio, inventory turnover, gross profit percentage days' sales in receivables, and debt ratio.

I am only completing part one of the attachment.

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I have attached the annual reports for Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, you can find publicly traded companies financial statements on the SEC website.

Johnson & Johnson
Uses the indirect method for statement of cash flow
Cash flow from operating activities - 2013 17,414
Cash flow from investing activities ...

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Cash flow for Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola is disclosed by activity using the indirect method. Calculations for significant operating ratios also included.

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