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What is the Chase Strategy

In 350 to 400 words please assist in describing what the chase strategy is
Identify 2-3 companies that might use the chase strategy
Dell Company
Burger King

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Chase strategy may be considered as one of the production management strategies that have significant influence on inventory management, particularly inventory costs.

As noted by an online source, the principle under the chase strategy is to produce as much as needed. Simply stated, volume of production should be equal to volume of demand (web4.uwindsor.ca/users/b/.../73-331.../Lecture_9_Agg_P_f04_331.ppt‎). This principle requires the highest degree of accuracy in demand forecasting which is difficult to attain. Effective forecasting of demand requires objective analysis of relevant factors such as volume of target buyers, their consumption patterns, factors influencing their consumption, number of ...

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Companies which might use the chase strategies are identified for Dell Company and Burger King.