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    Chase-production and level production

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    In production strategies, describe chase-production, level production and mixed-combination. Give an example of each in logistics field.

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    In production strategies, describe chase-production, Level Production and mixed-combination. Give an example of each in logistics field.
    There are generally three main production strategies followed by companies. These are:
    1) Chase - production strategy
    2) Level - production strategy and
    3) Mixed - combination strategy.

    1) Chase - production strategy
    In the chase demand strategy, the capacity is often adjusted. This is an attempt in matching the capacity with demand. The various ways of implementing this strategy is by altering the workforce size, working overtime whenever required, and sub-contracting excess work or by utilizing the part time employees, if required. The ...

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    The chase production and level productions are given. The expert describes change-production, level production and mixed-combinations. Examples in logistics fields are discussed.