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    changing a failing organization's structure

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    Write a plan for changing a failing organization'sl structure, incorporating the following elements:
    ?Your vision of the new organizational structure for your division including how you would realign individuals, tasks, processes and functions
    ?Steps to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new
    ?New policies that you would implement that should begin right away to facilitate the change to the new organizational structure

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    Plan for changing a failing organization's structure:

    First of all, we need to do a SWOT analsis of the company's internal environment, including its organizational structure, operations, marketing and sales policies and other processes to determine the relative strenghts and weaknesses of the company. Further, to improve the understanding of the industry in which the company is operating and external environmental factors influencing the revenues and performance of the company, one needs to carry external environmental analysis.

    After conducting this analysis, one will be in a position to identify the weaknesses and threats to the company and bottlenecks which needs to be removed. In order to start the turnaround, we need to first identify the bottlenecks and then discuss and brainstorm various alternatives with respect to solving these issues. By involving other ...

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    Write a plan for changing a failing organization's structure, incorporating the following elements.