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Purchase Budget, Flexible Budget, Overheads, Payback

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1. Dillard Company has calculated its annual total fixed costs to be $50,000. Production for recent years has averaged 40,000 units with total variable costs of $80,000. Based on the foregoing data, complete the table below. Assume all activity levels are within the relevant range.

Activity Level Total Fixed Costs Unit Fixed Cost Total Variable Costs Unit Variable Cost

2. The sales budget of Shelby Company for the second quarter of 20X6 is as follows:

April May June
Sales $96,000 $72,000 $108,000

Sales are 20% cash, 80% credit.
Cost of goods sold is 70% of total sales.
Desired ending inventory for each month is equal to 25% of cost of goods sold for the following month.
Collections on credit sales are as follows:
50% in the month of sale
30% in the month following sale
15% in the second month following sale
5% uncollectible
April 1 inventory is $16,000.
Expected sales for July are $84,000.
Payments for inventory are 70% in the month following purchase and 30% two months following purchase.

Prepare the purchases budget for April, May, and June.

3. Hawkins Company provided the following partially completed monthly flexible budget. Complete the flexible budget.

Flexible Budget
Formula per
Flexible Budget for Various
Levels of Volume
Units 5,000 6,000 7,000
Sales Revenue $10.00
Variable expense $15,000
Fixed expenses $27,000
Total expenses
Operating income $25,500

4. Scientific Company manufactures glass vials for use in laboratories. A backflush costing system is used and standard costs for each vial are as follows:

Direct materials $ .35
Conversion costs 1.20
Total $1.55

During October, Scientific produced and sold 25,000 and 22,000 vials, respectively. Direct materials costing $9,000 were purchased. Conversion costs of $27,800 were incurred.

a) Prepare summary journal entries for October.
b) Prepare the journal entry to write off the overallocated or underallocated conversion costs.

5. Manchester, Inc., is considering acquiring another manufacturing facility for a cost of $900,000. The required payback period is 4.5 years.

a) What are the lowest annual equal net cash inflows required by Manchester to achieve a 4.5 year payback?

b) Assume annual net cash inflows are $200,000 for the first two years and $180,000 for the third and fourth years. What must net cash inflows be in the fifth year to achieve a 4.5 year payback?

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