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    Master Budget for Cello Company

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    Prepare a Master Budget, on Excel, as described in the attachment.

    The CELLO Company wants a Master Budget for the next three months beginning January 1, 2009. It desired an ending minimum cash balance of $4000 each month. Sales are forecasted at average selling prices of $4 per unit. Inventories are supposed to equal 125% of the next month's sales in UNITS, except for the end of March. The March 31 inventory in units should be 75% of the next month's sales. (i.e. April's sales in units). Merchandise costs are $2 per unit. Purchases during any given month are paid in full during the following month. All sales are on credit, payable within 30 days, but experience has shown that 40% of current sales are collected in the current month, 40% in the next month, and 20% in the month thereafter. Bad debts are negligible. (Ignore federal and state income taxes.)

    Monthly operating expenses are as follows:

    Wages and salaries (cash) $12,000
    Miscellaneous (cash) 2,000
    Rent 100 + 10% of monthly sales
    Insurance Expired 100
    Depreciation 100

    Cash dividends of $1000 are to be paid Quarterly, beginning January 15, and are declared on the 15th of the previous month. All operating expenses are paid as incurred, except insurance, depreciation, and rent. Rent of $100 is paid at the beginning of each month, and the additional rent of 10% of sales is paid quarterly on the tenth of the month following the quarter. The next settlement is due January 10th.
    The CELLO Comapany plans to buy some new furniture and fixtures for $2000 cash in March. Money can be borrowed or repaid in multiples of $500, at an interest rate of 6% per annum. Management wants to minimize borrowing and repay rapidly. Interest is computed and paid when the principal is repaid. Assume that borrowing takes place at the beginning, and repayment at the END of the months in question. Money is never borrowed at the beginning and repaid at the end of the SAME month. Compute interest to the nearest dollar. (round up).
    The CELLO Company
    Balance Sheet
    Assets Liabilities
    Cash $4,000 Accounts Payable (Mdse.) $28,750
    Accounts Receivable 16,000 Dividends Payable 1,000
    Inventory 31,250 Rent Payable 7,000
    Prepaid insurance 1,200 Total Liabilities $36,750

    Fixed Assets-net 10,000 Stockholders Equity
    Total $62,450 Common Sock 10,700
    Retained Earnings 15,000
    Total 25,700
    Total Liabilities & Equity $62,450
    Recent and Forecasted Sales:

    October $30,000 November $20,000 December $20,000

    January $50,000 February $55,000 March $12,000

    April $36,000

    Required: Prepare a Master Budget, including a budgeted balance sheet, budgeted income statement, cash flow statement, cash receipts and disbursements (cash budget), and supporting budgets and schedules for the first quarter only of 2009.

    Explain the roll cash flow analysis plays in the effective management of the organization. What if CELLO did not have access to a bank line of credit? What other sources of cash are available for Management to utilize to bridge cash shortfalls?

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    1) Pre pare a master budget including a budgeted income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash receipts and disbursements, and supporting schedules for the months Jan through Mar 2005
    Kindly see the excel file.

    2) Explain why there is a need for a bank loan and what operating sources provide the cash for the repayment of the bank loan.

    Preparation of a Cash Budget


    Just as you would not purchase new furniture for your home without enough cash or at least a solid plan to cover a personal loan from your bank, your business needs the same careful handling of its expenditures. All businesses, no matter what type or size, need to properly develop a plan for their expected cash intake and spending. This plan is commonly known as a cash budget.

    If a company reports earnings of $1 billion, does this mean it has this amount of cash in the bank? Not necessarily. Financial statements are based on accrual accounting, which takes into account non-cash items. It does this in an effort to best reflect the financial health of a company. However, accrual accounting may create accounting noise, which sometimes needs to be tuned out so that it's clear how much actual cash a company is generating.

    What Is Cash Flow?
    Business is all about trade, the exchange of value between two or more parties, and cash is the asset needed for participation in the economic system (see What Is Money?). For this reason - while some industries are more cash intensive than others are - no business can survive in the long run without generating positive cash flow per share for its shareholders. To have a positive cash flow, the company's long-term cash inflows need to exceed its long-term cash outflows.

    An outflow of cash occurs when a company ...

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