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Financial Plan for Juan's Taco Company

Juan's Taco Company has restaurants in five college towns. Juan wants to expand into Austin and College Station and needs a bank loan to do this. Mr. Bryan, the banker, will finance construction if Juan can present an acceptable three-month financial plan for January through March. The following are actual and forecasted sales figures:

Forecast Additional Information
January $190,000
February $210,000
March $230,000
April $230,000

Of Juan's sales, 30 percent are for cash and the remaining 70 percent are on credit. Of credit sales, 40 percent are paid in the month after sale and 60 percent are paid in the second month after the sale. Materials cost 20 percent of sales and are paid for in cash. Labor expense is 50 percent of sales and its paid in the month of sales. Selling and administrative expense is 5 percent of sales and is also paid in the month of sale. Overhead expense is $12,000 in cash per month; depreciation expense is $25,000 per month. Taxes of $20,000 and dividends of $16,000 will be paid in March. Cash at the beginning of January is $70,000 and the minimum desired cash balance is $65,000.

For January, February, and March, prepare a schedule of monthly cash receipts, monthly cash payments, and a complete monthly cash budget with borrowings and repayments.

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Obtaining a loan to expand a business is common. Banks may require forecasted sales figures, cash flows and financial plans to approve the loan. The scenario and solution will help you understand how to accomplish this.