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    Cash budget for Joes Bar and Grill

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    Prepare a cash budget for Joes Bar and Grill based on the following information:

    Sales are projected to be 100 in Jan, 150 in Feb, 300 in Mar and 100 in Apr.

    Collections are 50% in the month of sale and 50% one month after the sale.

    Collections one month after the sale are reduced by the credit card fee of 2%.

    COGS is 30% of sales.

    Joe has terms of "2/10 net 30" and pays in 30 days for all purchases.

    Fixed costs include a fee for protection from Guido and Vito Arm and Leg Preservation services of 10 per month, Taxes of 10 per year to be paid in January, Rent of 2 per month and Utilities of 1 per month.

    Minimum cash balance is 20.

    Joe has a credit card he uses as his line of credit. It has a maximum limit of 20.

    Is Joes line of credit adequate to run his business through the end of April?

    Prove your answer by preparation of a cash budget, showing all work.

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