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Organization Structure

Research and describe the four primary organizational structures/models used by international businesses:

global product
For each structure/model, select a company that uses one of the structures/models, and discuss the reasons why the company selected that approach based on the product or service that they market (e.g., commodity versus luxury).

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//Prior to start working on it, you must be aware of different type of organizational structures which can be used in international business. You are required to take the example of an organization which has applied that particular structure. I am going to define these points to develop your understanding on them. //


An organization structure can be defined as the hierarchical concept of subordination of entities that mainly serve to common and single aim. Organization structure of an organization usually set up in various styles and types. They are dependent on the objectives and atmosphere. In general, the organizational structure determines the mode in which an organization operates and performs. The organizational structures can be classified into international division structure, area structure, global product structure, global matrix structure and global functional design structure (Taylor, 2008). An organizational structure allows the allocation of responsibilities for different functions and entities. The company is organized into countries or geographic regions in organizational structure. The proper organizational structure allows a company to focus on the region of the world in order to sell and tailor the needs of mobility products to the particular area (Organizational structure, 2008).

The four primary organizational structures/models used by international businesses are global product structure, area wise organizational structure, functional organization structure

And customer.

//In the below paragraph, I am providing you an idea about global product organizational structure with an example. You can select the company of your choice. //

Global Product Organizational Structure

The company that uses global product organizational structures is ...

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