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    Profit & Loss Statement

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    You have just been hired as the manager for DaVita's Westside Hemodialysis Center. The Regional Manager will be doing a site visit in a few days and will be reviewing the Center's operating performance. You must complete a monthly P & L statement and a variance analysis and provide an action plan for achieving budget projections in March to prepare for this meeting.
    This is a case analysis. That said, you need to use the info you were given in the best way you can to develop your P&L. You are working on a variance analysis for your boss. Should you compare Jan and Feb to budget, or should you use a trending analysis? You should use whatever you believe will give your boss the best answers.
    A tip on the revenue. You do not have enough info to estimate Gross Revenue. You can use the payer mix numbers and multiply them against the total encounters to develop the net revenue numbers.

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