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    Present Structured English, Decision table and logic

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    An organization is in the process of upgrading microcomputer hardware and software for all employees. Hardware will be allocated to each employee in one of three packages. The first hardware package includes a standard microcomputer with a color monitor of moderated resolution and moderate storage capabilities. The second package includes a high end microcomputer with a color monitor and a great deal of RAM and ROM. The third package is a high end notebook-sized microcomputer. Each computer comes with a network interface card so that it can be connected to the network for printing and email. The notebook computers come with a modem for the same purpose. All new and existing employees will be evaluated in terms of their computing needs) e.g., the types of tasks they perform, how much and in what ways they can use the computer). Light users receive the first hardware package. Heavy users receive the second package. Some moderate users will receive the first package and some will receive the second package, depending on their needs. And employee who is deemed to be primarily mobile (e.g., most of the sales force) will receive the third package. Each employee will also be considered for additional hardware. For example, those who need scanners and or printers will receive them. A determination will be made regarding whether the user receives a color or bland and white scanner and whether they receive a slow or fast or color or black and white printer. In addition, each employee will receive a suite of software that includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation maker. All employees will be evaluated for additional software needs.

    Depending on their needs, some will receive a desktop publishing package, some will receive a database management system (and some will also receive a developer's kit for DBMS), and some will receive a programming language. Every 18 months, those employees with the high end systems will receive new hardware, and their old systems will be passed on to those who previously had the standard systems. All those employees with the portable systems will receive new notebook computers.

    Present the logic of this business process, first using Structured English and then using a decision table. Write down any assumptions you have to make. Which of these techniques is most helpful for this problem? Why?

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