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    Decision Making

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    What are the consequences, good or bad, for making decisions without thinking critically?

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    To think critically means to use one's knowledge and intelligence in decision making so that the result is the most justifiable and most reasonable among all the options. A person may be intelligent and articulate but if he or she doesn't think critically, he or she will make decisions and beliefs which are unreasonable. He or she can also perform unjustifiable actions.

    One uses his or her critical thinking skills in decision making to ensure that his or her actions and beliefs can be justified and that it can bear the rational test of analysis. In critical thinking, one evaluates the reasons for the action to be taken and uses his or her head clearly, knowledgeably, and sensibly. He or she knows how to sort out facts ...

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    This solution provides a description of someone who thinks critically, advantages of using critical thinking and the effects of decision making without using critical thinking.