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Decision Making - How to deal with change!

If you have ever watched the game show "Deal, or no deal" you have seen a real-world lesson in the tendency of people to be risk-adverse about gains. Observe the offers of the banker. The banker's offer is virtually always below the statistically expected payoff for continuing the game. Yet, quite often people will accept the banker's offer.

In organizations we see paralysis induced by people's greater attention to the risk of change as opposed to the risk of not changing. The "better the devil you know" mentality. In your organizations, how have leaders dealt with this situation?

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Naturally, change is inevitable in organizations, particularly if they want to maintain relevancy. Change is always difficult and as the question reminds us, people ...

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In today's globalized environment, change is inevitable. However, often organizations are paralyzed unable to implemented and move towards successful change. This solution provides the learner with ideas on how to facilitate change once the decision has been made to move forward.