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    Generating value competitive advantage

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    The goal is to use the organization's resources to create value. Using the organization for which you work, apply the VRINO framework to evaluate the organization's ability to capitalize on its resources to create value for its customers. This will be a detailed analysis. The VRINO framework was introduced in chapter one and expounded upon in chapter nine. The point of the analysis is to find the key resource that allows the company to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The framework is applied to a single resource at a time. It is not applied across multiple resources all together.

    If possible make it about healthcare industry please.

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    An organization or firm's ability to compete with others is largely determined by the external environment as well as the firm's strengths and weaknesses. Its success is affected by the quality and quantity of the resources it possesses or has access to. At times the firm's competitive advantage derives from a single resource like for example a unique machine or highly specialized and trained worker. It is definitely to the firm's advantage if such a resource is not widely available. If this resource's work or accomplishments cannot be copied or ...

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    At times a firm is blessed with a resource which produces value for the firm and which effort is either difficult or impossible to imitate or duplicate. This resource possesses unique properties which the other firms do not have access to. In effect, the firm in question becomes a monopolist owner of a resource. Such a condition can continuously bestow advantages upon a firm. To sustain this competitive advantage the firm must be organized to ensure that the rare resource which produces value receives all the necessary support for it to continue to deliver value.