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    Purpose of Business/Stakeholder Model

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    What is the purpose of business? Does this answer depend upon whether or not you are the business owner, an employee of the business or simply someone affected by the business in some manner? Why or why not? (150 words)

    Do you believe that the "stakeholder model" is the most appropriate model for corporate social behavior? Why or why not? If not, which model do you think is superior? (150 words)

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    The purpose of business depends upon what theory you believe in.
    If it is socialism you are looking to provide the greatest amount of service to the great amount of people.
    Fascists would argue it is to help the state. Capitalists would state the purpose of business is to generate profit for the owners of the business. I think the purpose of business is to make money. In order to do this you must get and keep customers.

    The answer as to the purpose of business might change slightly if you are a business owner (to generate money, provide a service or product), an ...

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    This detailed solution outlines the purpose of business in regards to management, employees, and customers. It also discusses the stakeholder model and whether it is the most appropriate model for corporate social behavior. It includes links to further illustrate the points.