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Is it okay to omit truth in Negotiations?

1) Is misrepresentation in negotiations "O.K." as long as there is not an overt lie? Why?

2) Would you feel that you had been cheated if the other side didn't tell you? Or, would you kick yourself for not asking the question or knowing?

3) If you were going to reveal information, why would you reveal it? To be ethical? To avoid fraud?

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It is wrong to misrepresent information at any time. One negotiates to try to get new or more business. It is key to be honest and straight forward if you hope to secure a lasting business relationship. Plus, what goes around comes around. It is important to deal with others in the same manner in which you would like to be dealt. In a negotiation it is not necessary to ...

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This solution explores misrepresentation in negotiations, and whether it is ethically okay to mislead someone as long as you do not lie. It also explores whether you would feel cheated if you were misled, or if you would feel you had failed to ask enough questions, and also explores the reason to reveal information.