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Ethics Challenge - Venice Inline Inc

Text: Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 3rd edition, Brewer-Garrison-Noreen, ISBN# 007-304-8836

QUESTION(S) #1 and #2, Page 629-630: Please provide a solution to the problem that is highlighted in yellow.

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The loan officer stipulated that the current ratio prior to obtaining the loan must be higher than 2.0, the acid-test ratio must be higher than 1.0, and the interest on the loan must be less than four times net operating income. These ratios are computed below:

The company would fail to qualify for the loan because both its current ratio and its acid-test ratio are too low.

2. By reclassifying the $45 thousand net book value of the old machine as inventory, the current ratio would improve, but there would be no ...

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