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    Ethical Issues - Press Release on Ethics Interest

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    Rejuvenation, Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells parts and fixtures for older homes. Much of its success stems from its reputation as a company with high moral values and a strong commitment to people and the planet. It is an organization with a strong culture in support of the natural environment and social responsibility.

    The company has recently received some media attention that was not entirely positive. You have been hired to compose a response in the form of a press release. In your response, your goal is to explain the culture at Rejuvenation, Inc. Using examples, describe how Rejuvenation, Inc. lives its culture.

    This needs to be a one to two page press release but I don't know how to start it or what I need to talk about in a press release. Some guidance is appreciated.

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    Recent events have caused media scrutiny on our company, Rejuvenation, Inc. It is our hope that the public allow us to explain our company and how it works for not only our consumers, but the people and the planet.

    First, the recall of the products we use for insulation of many of our rebuild projects was a surprise to us. According to the information we received, the newly discovered lead content is not of an ongoing nature and as soon as we have a better idea of the amount we have purchased and used, we will be ...

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    A memo press release for the clarification on ethical stance and use of ethical policy within the company's culture.