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    Business ethics: Holding individuals accountable

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    Details: "When a reporter makes a mistake in a magazine article, you can run a correction; but when a health care worker makes a mistake, someone can die." Reflecting on this statement, should we hold people in certain professions to higher standards of legal accountability and responsibility? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your position? How is your response to these questions consistent with the moral philosophy .Explain. If it is not consistent with that philosophy, explain why your philosophy has changed.

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    I believe we already 'hold people in certain professions to higher standards of legal accountability and responsibility', and following are a few examples which demonstrate that position.

    1. Bernie Ebbers was not believed when he said he didn't know anything about the accounting irregularities at World Com. The judge held him to a higher standard as indicated by the heavy sentence he got, whereas if it had been Joe Blow on the stand, I doubt there would have been a 25 ...

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    The solution discusses different levels of accountability based on position, knowledge, responsibility and other factors. Included are real world examples of notable people and their professions.