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Responsibility centers of a business

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You have been asked to speak about the topic of responsibility centers to a group of executives at a conference.

Give three examples of responsibility centers in the Hasbro Toy Company. Describe how these responsibility centers interact.

Please list any references used.

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The purpose of the topic is to expose you to different issues related to responsibility centers.
<br>The topic makes an assumption, it assumes a kind of homogeneity about the responsibility centers, this is not true, and there is a tremendous difference between a human resource responsibility center and a production responsibility center. The differences relate to its formation, its size, its functioning, its leadership, its budgets, its targets, its objectives and controls.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer the questions.
<br>Topic of responsibility centers:
<br>1. Talk about the importance of responsibility centers and their basic purpose of having one manager responsible for the activities, performance and effectiveness of one center.
<br>2. The uses of responsibly centers including the use as a profit center and a means of controlling cost.
<br>3. The fixing of responsibility as well as to identify the trouble spots in the ...

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