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    Describe Responsibility Centers for a business

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    You have been asked to speak about the topic of to a group of executives at a conference.

    For this speech you should select a company/business that you are familiar with and briefly describe it. Give three examples of responsibility centers in that business. Describe how these responsibility centers interact.

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    Responsibility Center

    Miami Cuban American Service Center is one of the care service providers, which helps Cuban American to meet at a single platform. It was established in 1962. The company deals with four types of services: 3 senior service centers and 1 adult day care center. Now it is also focusing on child day care center. The number of seniors weekly treated by the company is 250. Its care centers provide socialization, recreation, hot noon meal and transportation services. The children from poor families are served by ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 327 Words, APA References