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Ethics for Social Workers

Describe an ethical dilemma a social worker might encounter. Does the NASW Code of Ethics address this dilemma?

Does the NASW Code of Ethics adequately guide conduct in instances of this
dilemma? If so, explain how. If not, explain how you would amend the NASW Code of
Ethics to provide more guidance in this circumstance.

200 to 250 word count

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The situation is a social worker who has been handed a case that turns out to be the daughter of a good friend, being investigated for negligence and abuse of her child. The case has been investigated before. As the friend is a member of the local community and in the public eye, the dilemma faced becomes multiplied by the implications on the family and whether to take the case with previous knowledge gained from the mother of the investigated woman. You do know she was on drugs and had alcohol problems in high school. She had seemingly improved until these allegations first surfaced last year. The case worker from then has ...

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A ethical dilemma for a social worker is offered and reviewed for adherence to the ethical code of NASW used by social workers.