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Total cost of shares

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What was the total cost for purchasing Exxon?

What was the cost for purchasing 250 shares of IBM?

The graphs and information of the company who sales shares are in the attached files.

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The total cost of shares is calculated.

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ABC Company's Common Stock Transactions
Company Buy (1) or Sell (2) No. of Shares Per Share Quote Odd-lot Differential Broker's Commission Receipts from Sale Cost for Purchase
Rate Amount Rate Amount
IBM 1 250 90.75 $0.125 . . $.02 . .
GE 2 300 62.50 . . . $.0175 . .
GM 2 175 44.625 .01 . . $.02 . .
Exxon 1 500 73.25 . . . $.02 . .
Texaco 1 225 65.375 .01 . . $.015 . .
Total . . ...

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