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Statistics: interpreting mean and fuzzy data sample question

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Need help with these two questions:can anyone help me solve these two questions

1.You have been asked to ship a package from Pennsylvania to California. You need to get it there in 2 days, heads will roll if it is late.You call 2 carriers, and ask them what their average transit time is to California. Carrier A says they average 2.0 days to get there. Carrier B says they average 1.9 days to get there.

Answer this:

1) Would you chose Carrier A and why?

2) Would you choose Carrier B and why?

3) Would you decide you still don't have enough information to make a good choice, and want more info? If so, what info would you want?

Response is about 200 words and focuses on statistics (not logistics).

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1) I would not choose Carrier A because a 2.0 day average time does not guarantee the package will arrive when it needs to.

2) I would not choose Carrier B because a 1.9 day average time does not guarantee the package will arrive on time.

3) I would decide I don't have enough information to make a decision about which carrier to use. I would want to know in what time the ...

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The expert examines interpreting mean and fuzzy data sample questions.

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