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    Probability Problem

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    In a study designed to gauge married women's participation in the workplace today, the data provided in the attached file are obtained from a sample of 750 randomly selected married women. Consider a woman selected at random from this sample in aswering the following questions:

    a)what is the probablity that this randomly selected woman has a job outside the home?

    b)what is the probability that this randomly selected woman has at least one child?

    c)what is the probability that this randomly selected woman has a full-time job and no more than one child?

    d)what is the probability that this randomly selected woman has a part-time job or at least one child, but not both?

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    I took the data in excel attached and sorted the women by job status. I the made three new columns: one for each job status. I then sorted each column accordingly to number of children to make a manageable database.

    From that, we can calculate:

    a) 307 women have full time jobs, and 178 have part time jobs. 307 + 178=485 women have jobs. 485/750=64.7%

    b) 98 women with full time jobs have zero children, 16 women with no job have zero children, ...

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    An excel spreadsheet containing data about women at work, percent having children, etc. You are to calculate the probabailities associated with various questions about the women (what is the probability that a randomly selected women will have XYZ and ZYX?).