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Finding Break-even point.

See the attached document for details:

I know the formula, but I don't understand how you get the value of x or p.

PX = A + BX
where P = Unit cost or price of the service
X = Amount of service to be provided (an unknown)
A = Fixed costs
B = Variable costs

Break-even point = ?

A= 58,000
B= 1,317,273

PX = 58,000 + 1,317,273 (x)

I got the figures of A & B by adding the 3 year budget, I also added the totals together and divided by 36 months and got 38,202 as the monthly cost average. Would you use 38,202 as the price of service I don't know but I am lost at this point. Please help can the Break even point be found with out the price of services and amount of service to be provided. Help


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For finding the break-point point, put

Total revenue = total ...

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