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    Chart of statistical data: categorical variable

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    Collect some categorical data on a topic of interest to you and represent it in a statistical picture. Explain what you have done to make sure the picture is as useful as possible.

    A topic of interest to me is the Relationship between Exam Time and Exam Scores in an Online Intermediate Algebra Course. I feel that 1 hour is sufficient instead of 2 hours. I would represent the data in a scatter plot, with tables showing the data with respect to time versus score. The data would be split into 60 minutes versus 120 minutes on the y-axis, and the number score on the x-axis. The scores would be the raw scores out of a 25-question exam. Then, I would place in the best-fit line.

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    I am interested in whether the class grades (categorical variable) differ between those that watched a video and those that attended a ...

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    This work presents data collected and presented in a chart. The data is categorical as requested.