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Statistics Variable Identification

A researcher has a data-set that includes the following variables measured on 50 small children. Given these variables:

a) gender (male / female)
b) age (continuous variable measured in months; ranges from 36 months to 72 months)
c) preschool or daycare attendance (yes / no)
d) height (continuous variable measured in inches; ranges from 30 inches to 46 inches)
e) family status (mother or female guardian only/father or male guardian
only/both mother or female guardian and father or male guardian)
f) weight (continuous variable measured in pounds; ranges from 20 pounds to 72 pounds)
g) time spent in non-parental care (none / less than 10 hours per week / 11-20 hours per week / 21-30 hours per week / 31+ hours per week)

1. Indicate at least one statistical procedure that can be used with the data
2. Specific variable(s) that could be used with this procedure
3. As appropriate, indicate which variables would be the independent and dependent variables
4. Any challenges you foresee in generating this analysis.

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