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    Budegeting and Comparison Shopping

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    You are looking into purchasing computer equipment for your at-home business, personal recruiting. Since you are just starting out, you have set an initial budget of 1500.00, but would like to save as much as you can. Use the comparative shopping web search engines in the library to conduct the following research. You may also use additional internet sites. cite all resources.

    1. Choose 3 computer equipment products you would like to buy(pc, monitor etc).

    2. Find a web site that allows you to purchase these items online. find the price of each item and the total price of all items including s/h. find out in your states sales tax is determined in the actual amount(va) would be charged to your billing address. organize this info using an excel spreadsheet in a table format, including headings and formulas. Label this table table 1 along with the internet web site where you found you products

    3. Repeat 2 and locate the identical products on the two other web sites. Compute the difference in cost and include in these on another table on the same excel spreadsheet used in step 4. label these tables table 2 and table 3 with corresponding web sites.

    4. Explain why you chose the 3 products and how you compare the 3 tables you've constructed. Which table would best meet your budgeting needs? What problems did you find in your search for these equipment products. How did you solve these problems?

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