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    You are the manager of Product Development at High-Tech toys, Inc.

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    You are the manager of Product Development at High-Tech toys, Inc. You need to send a memo to the Vice President of Information Services, explaining the following:

    a. The laser printer in your department is often out of order
    b. The laser printer is seldom repaired satisfactorily.
    c. Either the machine is faulty or the repair person is incompetent (but this person always appears promptly and cheerfully when summoned from Corporate Maintenance- and is a single parent raising three young children).
    d. It is difficult to get things done in your department without being able to use the laser printer.

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    a) The problem is stated concisely in the first paragraph, so that the director can read through quickly and understand the issue in a few seconds.
    b) in a formal memo, personal background should not be included (i.e info that they are a single parent). Business is business
    c) It is best to give the benefit of the doubt in this situation, and to assume that the machine is a lemon. Then, the performance of the repair person should then be closely watched
    d) A firm suggestion of what is ...

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    Four rules for this type of communication are given and then a three-paragraph letter is presented.