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    Ways Fedex Can Grow Its' Current Territories

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    Please list 10 ways that Fedex can grow its current territories. Please be creative.

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    Ten Ways for FedEx to grow its' current territories:

    1. Target individual groups of consumers. For instance, triathlons are exploding in popularity. Target triathletes and encourage them to ship their bikes directly to the hotel for their next triathlon. Point out the ease of use- door to door service.

    2. Showcase the quality involved by shipping FedEx. Show the care used in having the FedEx driver pickup and deliver each package. Bring the quality back to the concept so that customers want to choose FedEx as the company that will treat their package with extra care. Could even talk about how sturdy the boxes are, the training of the staff, etc.

    3. Involve social media like YouTube to show what you can FedEx.... like just baked cookies from mom delivered the next day to the ...

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    This solution outlines eleven ways that Fedex can grow its' current territories.