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    Walmart knowledge management

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    Please assist me in describing the nature and extent of knowledge management in Walmart and its relationship to the Walmart's strategy and leadership, using the following guidelines and make recommendations for improving it in 2-3 pages.
    1. Describe the nature and extent of knowledge management in the organization or unit that you are focusing on
    2. Describe and analyze the relationships between your organization's strategy, leadership, and knowledge management
    3. Draw conclusions and make recommendations regarding the organization or unit's knowledge management

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    Knowledge management system can be defined as the information technology based system, which acts as the platform for managing and combining knowledge function in the organizations, encouraging introduction, gaining control, and storing and dispersion of information (Holsapple, 2004). The knowledge management system helps the employees and management for accession to the organization based facts and figures, and the necessary solutions. The main objective of knowledge management system is to corroborate the dynamics of organizational learning and organizational effectualness, which can be achieved by systematic management of knowledge (Boone & Kurtz, 2006).

    Wal-Mart is a multinational corporation and the main reason behind its success in all over the world is the effective knowledge management system of the organization. Application of knowledge management in plays an integral role in its success.

    Nature and Extent of Knowledge Management in Wal-Mart
    Knowledge management is the key concept applied by most of the organizations for the purpose of solving the issues related with their knowledge problems. In the present scenario, in retail industry companies are facing the tough competition from their counterparts and to face this competition they are evolving some effective methods within their knowledge management department. The nature of knowledge management is Wal-Mart is dynamic and it gives various opportunities to the management to take the advantage of various innovative ...

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