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Value of rEsourceSM and Learning Teams to students

Could you identify from a personal perspective the following:
The value of having rEsourceSM available to students throughout a program and the
value of Learning Teams?

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What different resources are available to you through eCampus and how might you use them?

University of Phoenix offers several tools and resources through its virtual campus (eCampus) such as a listing of grades and course/program schedule, GPA calculator, Center for Writing Excellence link and service, payment/receipt history, Math lab, student catalog, tutorials, Learning Team tool kit, and more. Attending UoP for two years, I have used these resources more than I expected.

For instance, the "Posted Assignment" feature makes me feel secure that the assignment I turned in was processed by the system. It is a fairly new feature and have proven to be very useful and effective. When I first started at UoP, I submitted a paper which did not reach my instructor. I submitted it and it was reflected in my "sent" folder; however, it did not properly transmit. Now, whenever I submit an assignment, I use this feature to make sure that ...

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