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    Valley Cancer Treatment Center systems for disclosure

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    The appropriate disciplinary actions needed are not always apparent to those involved. That is one reason our textbook will be a wonderful reference book and a great start to your professional library. The manager who wants to be fair and just is one who gives great thought before administering discipline.

    Case scenario A for your original post to this week's discussion board.

    A. June Skinner is an assistant social worker at Valley Cancer Treatment Center, where you are Director of Social Work (DSW). Barb Simmons, Senior Social Worker was not back from lunch and so June was given a phone call pertaining to one of Barb's patients. Being inexperienced, June unintentionally shared information about a patient, Debbie Fox, over the phone with someone who was not authorized to be given medical information about Ms. Fox. That person was the patient's ex-husband. He told June that he was Debbie's father (who was on the list of people who could get information about Ms. Fox). Now the ex-husband is going to use the information against the patient in a child custody hearing. You, as DSW must deal with this situation and decide on the proper course of action. Describe your course of action and justification for doing so.

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    June Skinner is inexperienced. Yet, as a professional, she has been made aware of the kind of information she can and cannot give out. She should also have been made aware of the corporate confidentiality policy and regulations, when she was hired. As the director, my first reaction is to dismiss June Skinner from her position. June should have asked the patient's so-called father if she could call him back. This way, she would know she reached the right person. She should have also asked a verifying question of the patient's father.

    Because June Skinner ...

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    The Valley Cancer Treatment Center systems for disclosure of private information is examined.