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Use of Computers for Personal and Professional Growth

How did you come to the computer?

Discuss your personal background in terms of your own socio-economic situation. Don't feel that you need to be too personal of course. Share what you like. If you are not comfortable talking about your own situation, then write it more as a dramatic fiction from what you know. It does not matter if this is your personally, or you are speaking about things you have seen with others.

Just try to shed some light on how a person's social and economic background can impact their ability to maximize digital technology as a tool for personal and professional growth.

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My social and economic background has a lot to do with my use of the computer. My economic background made it possible for me to join a top notch university where I was first exposed to computers. I used several machines at my university and felt that a PC was indispensable in my life.

When I returned home after college, I ...

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This posting discusses the use of digital technology for personal and professional growth. It discusses these issues in the context of the social-economic background of individuals.