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Typical myths you may have of managing people

What are some typical myths you may have of managing people, and what are the realities? Do these realities support or refute the myths? At which managerial positions and duties do you currently excel? With which positions and duties do you need more practice and experience?

response includes discussion of 7 myths

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1. The Myth of Empowerment: The way to empower people is to leave them alone and let them manage themselves. What is the reality? Almost everybody performs better with more guidance, direction, and support from a more experienced person. If you want to truly empower people, then you simply must define goals, with clear guidelines and concrete deadlines. Within clearly articulated parameters, a direct report has power. Limited power? Yes. But it also has the great virtue of being real power.

#2. The Myth of Fairness: The way to be fair is to treat everybody the same. What is the reality? What's truly fair is doing more for some people and less for others, based on what they deserve--based on their performance.

#3. The ...

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The typical myths you may have of managing people are examined.