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    The Benson Metal Company case analysis

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    The Benson Metal Company employs about 1,500 people, is listed on the stock exchange, and has been in existence for many decades. See enclosed attachment for details and analyze this case. Explain the case, the problems, the positives, and give your own conclusions on what should be done at Benson Metal Company in your opinion. Do some outside research on the problems you find within this company and provide at least three (3) resource citations to back up your opinions and solutions.

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    Step 1
    The case is related to problems with Ramsey Stockwell. He is the vice-president production. The Boston Metal Company had serious problems about coordination and cooperation within the organization. The sales and marketing were not in sync with production. The Vice President production, Ramsey Stockwell did not have leadership qualities. He did not respect the line of authority and ignored middle managers. Even though he was technically competent he lacked in leadership qualities. For a company of the size of The Boston Metal Company to succeed there was a need for collaboration between production and sales but this collaboration was hard to forge. Even though the sales division performed efficiently and supported the objectives of The Boston Metal Company, it was very difficult for the sales persons to get information from production about delivery dates or the stage of production. This made it very ...

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