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    Supervisory Training Presentation

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    Identify and discuss the laws that affect the retention of employees,, and the termination of employees. In the presentation, identify at least one or two laws other than Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and its subsequent amendments for each area.

    In my presentation I must also include a discussion of the legal challenges presented in each stage of employment retention, and termination.

    Topic - employment retention and termination.

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    Employee retention laws are concerned with when it is illegal to fire someone and when they must be retained. These laws can be formed at the federal, state and local levels. Drug testing and results laws are usually established at the state and local level. These can be as diverse as what type of testing is allowed to when an employee must be retained on a first offense failure.

    Companies under contract of affirmative action will have to explain not retaining individuals who were hired under affirmative action. Whistle-blowers are protected under federal laws. There are many laws that protect the whistle blower such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Clean Air Act and other environmental acts, Fair Labor Standards and Age Discrimination ...

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