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Strategic Management

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Assistance answering the questions below.

? Use citations and references to support your answer.

1) What are the parameters of system design that impact system performance? In what way is that impact manifested?

2) Identify the stakeholders of your organization (Pharmaceutical Industry). Specify the demands that the stakeholders make upon your organization, and the demands your organization makes upon the stakeholders. Which side demands the most? How do you balance each side's demands?

3) To what degree are collaborative alliances endemic in health systems? Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages for system performance

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//A Company can attain its goals with the help of a systematic approach. A system design is very important from the company's point of view. Under this section, we will discuss about system design and parameters of evaluating an effective system designing.//

System Design

A systematic approach is very necessary in every organization to deal with business functions, whether the organization is a manufacturing or a service unit. The proper system design of an organization gives many advantages to an organization. The input, process and outputs are the parts of the system design. An evaluation of system design is very important to gain an advantage over the competitors. The system design of an organization can be evaluated by a series of check points. An effective system design supports management decisions. The affordability of the system should be aligned with the company's budget.

The system cost should not be high. The time factor is used as a parameter to evaluate the performance of the system design. The system should be designed in such a way that it can reduce the operation time. The employees have to follow the operating system of the company, so the system should be easily understandable by the employees, otherwise it will not get support of the employees. A system design of the company supports the organization to face the contingency situations; it is called an effective system ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 831 words with references.

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