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Strategic Management

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In developing corporate strategy, most experts advise starting with an analysis of (1) organizational resources and (2) forces in the organization's environment. Some of these factors clearly can be categorized as inputs to the system, while others may be more accurately described as throughput resources internal to the organizational system itself.

My task is to identify a few of the input factors, indicate why they are important, and relate them to your own organization's situation. But I need some help getting started...

The organization that you can refer to is the U.S. Army


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//As per the directions, we will write about the input factors for an Organization. We will also write about the importance of the input factors for the management of an Organization. It will assist in understanding the significance of these factors in the development of corporate strategy for a firm. //

In the development of corporate strategy, an organization's input factors and resources play an important role. These factors assist in effective management of the organizational system (Luthans, 2004). The main internal factors for an organization are described below:

Ø Individual input Factors: These factors comprise of the knowledge, skills, attitude, personality, values and physical state of the person.

Ø Team input Factors: These factors are formed by the characteristics of individual team members. The combined knowledge, skills and personality of the team members forms the attributes of the team.

Ø Regulatory Factors: These factors form the basis for ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 563 words with references.

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