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    Stages of the Systematic Training

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    Identify the stages of the systematic training cycle and explain how this process is used for identifying and responding to training and development needs. Can such a training cycle be applied broadly throughout an organisation? If necessary, how can it be adapted to accommodate diverse cultures?

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    Stages of Systematic Training

    Employees play a very important role in an organization. They contribute much to organization's productivity and performance. However, as the company grows, a more sophisticated method of producing goods and services is utilized and may require a more knowledgeable and skilled personnel who also possess the right attitude toward their jobs and toward the company as a whole. As the company expands, existing employees may feel inadequate and unless provided the right solution, may result to low confidence level in what they are capable of doing and low productivity as a whole. It is in this context that training and development activities are important to an organization. In order to make the employees better understand their roles in the organization. According to Cherrington (1995), the growth of training and development activities in organizations is evidenced by the amount of money spent in these activities.
    The following are the major stages of systematic training cycle: ( www.grin.com/.../analysis-of-senior-management-training-needs-in).

    Stage 1 - Identification of training needs

    It is important that before even planning for training methods and strategies, training need should be identified and assessed. There may be a need to come up with an inventory of employees in terms of their current level of knowledge and skills ...

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    The stages of the systematic training is examined. Whether a training cycle can be applied broadly throughout an organization.