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    The Validity of Service Reminders - Are they necessary?

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    One service that has improved considerably over the past few years is service reminders.

    Automobile dealers, lawn service providers and even doctors, dentists, and optometrists have initiated email reminders.

    Some say this is great - others say it's a bit of a nuisance.

    For example, some say they will take their car in for service when they think it's necessary - not when the company sends a reminder.

    What do you think? Are reminders good or a nuisance?

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    Reminders serve two purposes from an organization's point of view:

    1. They maintain a connection with existing customers due to the fact that it is much more favourable from a cost-based analysis to retain existing customers than market for new customers.

    2. They ...

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    The validity of service reminders are examined.