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Scoring System for a Weighted Application Blank

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An application blank is a recruitment tool to prescreen all applicants in a uniform manner. Those applying for a position fill out a blank application (whether electronic or hard copy) which asks the same questions as a method to screen out those who do not possess the minimum qualifications. This presents the organization with a consistent, and often fast, way to view a high volume of applications as all applicants are presented in the same manner. The weighted scoring system allocates points based on placing a higher value on the knowledge/skills/abilities most pertinent to the job. Applicants with the highest points/score are typically those selected to proceed in the recruitment process.

How is the scoring system developed for a weighted application blank? Provide an example of how this works.

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Organizations may use an application blank, in combination with a weighted scoring system, as means of pre-screening job applicants. This solution contains over 350 words and describes how to develop a weighted scoring system with detailed examples of different knowledge, skills and abilities that may be required of applicants. The discussion also thorougly addresses what an application blank is and how weighted scoring can assist in assigning a point value to applicants; as a means of defining which have the "highest value" as measured against the needs of a position.

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The scoring system for a weighted application blank is developed by defining the critical functions of a position. For example, if a real estate firm wanted to hire a receptionist to answer phones and greet customers, the following may be defined as critical functions: ability to answer a multi-line phone system, previous reception and customer service experience; and an ability to create documents such as marketing flyers. Each criterion would be assigned a "weight" of the overall score available via the application. With this example, the real ...

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