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    Saturn Corporation

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    INSTRUCTIONS: ---------- Your paper must contain;1-- an abstract 2---a short introduction 3--- the body of the paper. 4---- conclusion You must include headings/sub-headings for this paper. Use each Deliverable as a heading in the body of paper..--------------------------------------------------------------The case of Saturn Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors from 1984 to 1994) outlines the successful and unique adaptation of a new approach to organizing in the U.S. automobile industry. The organization represents many of the characteristics typified by -Quality of Work Life- programs, and allows students to see the benefits of a cooperative and customer-focused HRM approach. Use the Library or other Web resources to research and answer the following questions:----------------------------------------------------------1----What aspects of quality of work life (QWL) programs does the experiment at the Saturn plant illustrate? 2----How can Saturn assure that employees have not only the willingness to take responsibility but also the ability to do so? 3-----In this case, a completely new company was started with considerable autonomy from General Motors. Why do you think so many large organizations turn to -Greenfield- operations such as this when undertaking major changes in corporate culture and operations? Do you foresee any problems down the road for GM in this regard?

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    This paper discusses the quality of work life principles and benefits in the context of Saturn Corporation. The manner in which quality of work life principles have been implemented at Saturn is exemplary. The paper also discusses the broad issue of why companies go in for Greenfield operations. :
    This paper discusses the GM strategy of promoting a separate company Saturn and implementing the principles of quality of work life in this organization. The initiative by General Motors in Saturn has been hailed by workers and executives. In fact Saturn is quoted as an example of the successful implementation of quality of work life principles.
    What aspects of quality of work life (QWL) programs does the experiment at the Saturn plant illustrate? The aspects of quality of work life programs that the experiment at the Saturn plant illustrates include greater responsiveness to employee concerns. There are several stories of how quickly the management responded to problems faced by employees (Ashkanasy, N, Wilderom,C & Peterson, M 2000), . In addition, there is concentration of development of employee skills. Saturn has initiated several initiatives for developing the skills of employees. Moreover, the teams are given freedom to plan their own work. This autonomy has been valued by workers at Saturn. Most importantly, the focus is on work teams (Broad, M & Phillips, J 1997), . This means that the organizational structure is relatively flat. In ...

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