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    Reward and Punishment Discussed

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    Review the Rewards and Punishment podcast. Rewards and punishment. Retrieved from http://www.thepsychfiles.com/2007/02/episode-2-rewards-and-punishments/.

    1). Define reward and punishment, how effective each is, and how they are most effectively used to change behavior.

    2). Describe a "token economy" with an example of how and where it might be used.

    3).Discuss the various schedules of reinforcement, how they are used, and how effective they are.

    Support your discussion with scholarly references.

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    Reward and Punishment

    Definition, How Effective Each And How They Are Used In Changing Behavior:

    Reward is an aspect in which a return is provided for either good or evil with the good intentions of either paying or compensating someone. Punishment on the other hand refers to an act where an assertive action is taken as a form of a pay back for an undesirable action which has previously been carried out. Reward and punishment have proved to be effective despite the fact that rewards are ...

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    Reward and punishment is discussed. The various schedules of reinforcement is determined.