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    How to Respond to Bad Press

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    Think of a situation in which an Health Service Organization/Health Service receives bad press. How might the Health Service Organization/Health Service respond along the reactive-proactive continuum? How do you think it should respond to stakeholders?

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    Initially, a determination of whether the 'bad press' is just 'bad press' or whether it signifies that a real problem exists. Sometimes, 'bad press' is ignored and assumed to be just that, 'bad press'. But sometimes, 'bad press' can mean that there really is a problem.

    First: The HSO/HS should acknowledge that their may be a problem and that they are investigating. We have seen where certain organizations have tried to pretend that the problem did not exist or tried to ignore or downplay the problem (at least publicly) (think Toyota) and that never works out well.

    Second: The full scope of the problem should be ...

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    This solution addresses how a public company might respond to bad press in Health Service Organization/Health Services.