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Regional for profit business

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Please select a regional for-profit business, that is moderate in size, that is, not too large.

Identify the business and explain why you chose it for this assignment.
List what you believe are the key points in the complete customer journey for this business.
Identify the emerging media "micro-moments."
What would be some of the most common questions by average consumers during this customer journey? List several.
What search phrases might the average consumer use in this customer journey? Keep in mind: "I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy moments." List several.
What other content could be added that would have value to your customers and intersect their journey instead of interrupting it?
Justify with evidence, analysis, supporting research, and supporting visuals.

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A regional for-profit business and emerging media "micro-moments" are discussed in a structured manner in this response. The related references are also provided.

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Business selected:
The business selected by me is Abilitech Medical Inc which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I chose this business for this assignment because it is located in Minneapolis and I am familiar with the area. Also, the products made by Abilitech Medical appeal to me. Ability Medical markets assistive technologies for persons who have challenges in upper-limb mobility. The orthotic devices developed by Abilitech Medical help individuals with upper arm challenges greater independence, increase social and emotional connections, and gain economic independence. The devices made by Abilitech Medical help patients with neuromuscular problems, muscular dystrophy, and spinal cord injury. The devices of Abilitech Medical also help patients who have suffered from a stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Customer Journey: Key points
The key points in the complete customer journey for this business are the health care professionals that prescribe the orthotic devices. There is a need for a full understanding of biomechanics, the response of tissues to healing, and anatomy. Also, there is a need for the production of orthotic devices that meets specific indications and gain patient acceptance. Usually, Abilitech Medical products ...

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